Sarah & Sam 

Sarah  is the salon owner whose aim 

is to ensure Cullen and Co remains at the for-front when it comes to customer care and satisfaction. It is important to Sarah that all our clients have a positive and enjoyable visit to the salon.

Sarah & Sam ensures the  team continually receive training which  enables them to remain confident and superior in the industry. This allows Cullen and Co to satisfy client's requests in their Hairdressing needs and is always a very personable and happy place to be for both clients and staff.

In 2010 the Culllen & Co junior team entered the National Photographic Competition where one thousand participants entered nationwide. Charlotte and Paige both got into the top 60 and finally Paige won 4th place.

All staff at Cullen and Co are trained to exceptional levels. Juniors are trained at the London Academy where the trainer, Jon Redman of Cheynes, has been nominated for British Hairdresser of the year 2011

Going on to bigger to strive harder to achieve all your hair goals.


Paige is home grown and joined Cullen and Co straight from School.  Now our Salon Floor Manager, training is still infectious to Paige. She has been with Cullen & Co for 12 Years now & is a vital member of the team. Paige is constantly adding to her portfolio, with various competitions and photo shoots.  Paige is extremely creative in Cutting, Colouring and Perming - for all ages. She has a dedicated following of both Male and Female clients. This lady will never allow you to feel bored with your look! Paige will always make you feel your visit to her has been worthwhile as you’ll always be her number one priority.  


Cullen & Co as a Team would like to wish Lorraine all the very best on her Pending arrival...the pitter patter of tiny feet arriving very soon.... 

SoooOoo  Lorraine will be off now till Next September & should be back in the fold with the team 2020 ..Good Luck  to Lorraine & her Family 

Lorraine is a member of the Management Styling Team,who always works hard  behind the scenes in the day to day organisation of the salon. Lorraine joined Cullen and Co from School and qualified to an exceptional level. She has attended fabulous colouring courses, both external and in-house, as well as a men’s cutting course with a top London salon. Lorraine has the unique talent of being able to deal with a range of clients from the smallest child . She hasn’t just got a client list, she has a fan club!   Lorraine's  knowledge, experience and happy personality makes everyone feel their visits are worthwhile! 


Linda is a Consultant and is happy to help you find that look you thought would never be possible. If you have a problem with your hair, Linda will find a solution.

Linda has a very loyal female and male client base and offers precision cutting, razor cuts, unbelievable colouring and perming techniques. 'A gifted Lady'.


Kelly is a senior stylist and joined Cullen and Co from a local salon and has thrived working with the team. Kelly is enthusiastic and always makes her client’s needs a priority! Since joining us, Kelly has attended many courses and can now add Male clients to her portfolio. Kelly certainly isn’t shy when it comes to creating a look you have longed to achieve. She will use her cutting, Colouring or perming techniques to achieve that longed for style you thought may not have been possible. With her immense following, Kelly’s hairdressing qualities speak volumes.      


 Ashleigh is a Senior Stylist offering all aspects of hairdressng. She is creative in colouring, cutting and even if you have natural curl, that you want straightened, Ashleigh is the lady to come and see! If you are planning a wedding Ashleigh is a very valid member of our bridal team.


Starting with Cullen & Co in June 2018 . 

Cullen& Co are very happy to welcome Tracy to our team,  as a fully qualified stylist. Tracy has been a stylist for 8 plus years. 



Emma, another one of our home grown Juniors. Now flourishing into a Graduate Stylist. Covering all aspects of hairdressing with wonderful cutting and colouring techniques.

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REBECCA  & Chloe 


our most important behind the scene hardworking part of the salon, always on the go our young apprentice' members of staff who keep the salon running smoothly, whilst training to be the stars of the future. :)


Dee is our receptionist who will always ensure you have the booking that suits YOU best. She will advise you of your stylist’s forthcoming promotions that you personally may wish to take advantage of . If you have a special day call &  Dee will make sure they are reserved especially for you, let her take the pressure away from you, no worry about having to squeeze in your hair appointments! Please let her know upon your arrival your preferences, she'll do the rest.