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OAP Days Monday & Tuesday over 65's get 15% discount off hair but not on Graduate prices. 

Childrens price is upto the age of 12 then its an adult price.


I've put a colour on my hair and it's come out all wrong!!

Call us and book for a FREE 15 minute consultation, we are a L'Oreal Colour Degree Specialist salon and it may be something quick, easy and affordable that can be done to put it right.

My hair is curly, frizzy, uncontrollable

Although there are a wide range of products and tools available, we offer a step by step guide to ensure you get consistent results when styling yourself.

See our salon shop where we carry a wide variety of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling tools. Chemical softening and relaxing treatments are also services we offer. Expert advice always on hand.

Why can I never get it to look the same as when I leave the salon?

You will have a full consultation, receive an excellent cut, be encouraged to experiment with your new look and talk through any problems, be given lots of tips on finishing techniques and how to use products and tools effectively. For all new clients you will have a complimentary blow dry one week later to make sure you can recreate that salon look!

I swim a lot and I?ve heard that chlorine can damage my hair

Chlorine is a bleach, it can strip colours from your hair, dry and damage the lengths and ends. There are numerous ?post? products to remove chlorine from the hair which are always good to use, but obviously prevention is better. If you intend to immerse your hair while swimming, go into the shower before entering the pool, thoroughly wetting your hair, as hair is porous it will absorb the clean water leaving little room for chlorine to enter. Shampoo, condition and rinse well using recommended products. We stock a full range of holiday hair care to treat the hair and scalp, prior, during and after exposure to sun, sea and chlorine.

I?m really fed up with my look/ my colour etc, but not sure what I want

Book for a FREE 15 minute consultation, find out how easy it is to talk to our friendly team. Using their professional advice they will guide you to the right style/ colour/treatment/image, whatever your specific problems are they will be talked through and resolved. You are positively encouraged to bring along pictures of what you like and also what you don?t like to ensure the stylist can really match your needs.

My hair is very fine /limp/flat/thinning

The cut and shape is going to be even more important if your hair falls into this category. Knowing how to style your own hair, what products and tools to use and how to use them effectively is the way to achieve that ?salon look? effortlessly. Let us show you how. Using hair care products will transform the look and feel of your hair.


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