Why have your hair coloured professionally?

FREE consultations to discuss choice of colour, tones, & techniques.

FREE hair strength and condition tests.
FREE allergy testing.
FREE home care advice.
INCLUSIVE pre and post hair treatments to give fantastic lasting colour results with added strength and shine.
CHECK OUT what will suit you, your life style and your skin tone.

Make an entrance & wow! Be sun-kissed, or just mask that grey. Whatever you want you will be confident with the experience of our colourists that it will be achieved.

So you see you’re in safe hands.

We have an enviable track record for colour correction if you have a colour disaster let us have a look, we can help.

Ever had a colour disaster? Know someone who has?
Be safe, have it done professionally
it will be cheaper in the long run.

New from L’Oréal……New Inoa , Amonia Free or.. see yourself in a different light with LUO COLOUR

LUO "state-of-the-art" colouring service that is quick, takes only 20 minutes, no fumes and gives a translucent natural coverage, leaving natural highlights. The addition of grapeseed oil keeps the hair in optimum condition giving a smooth, shiny finish. Get away from that obvious 'tinted' look and have this new advanced colour - because you're worth it


 Grey Hair Colour?

"Colour Supreme" covering 80% grey hair in one application.

Phone the salon to ask more for information

Bridal Services 

We want you to relax and enjoy your special day with our extensive experience in bridal hair and make up, you will be assured of looking and feeling fantastic.

Professional consultations enable us to match all your needs, we’ll help you to plan and make sure you have a perfect stress-free day.

Use our expertise to help you choose the right image, your trial appointment will be a complete run through, bring your headdress plus any accessories. If your package includes make-up, you will have a trial run through for that too. Chat to our beauty therapist Kristina, who will help you decide which other treatments may suit you best. Leave the salon confident that there will be no hiccups on the day.


Standard packages are available to suit all budgets or personalised packages can be planned for the bride and bridal party, including hair and/or beauty services. Home visits may also be arranged, ring for a FREE consultation and talk to our friendly team. 


Do you suffer with hair loss?

There are several reasons for hair loss in women - lifestyle, stress, poor diet, post natal and hormonal changes are a few of the main ones.

We have had phenomenal results here at Cullen & Co by introducing our clients to the Phyto hair loss programme. The company are also pioneers of nutritional supplements for hair, skin & nails by taking these it will boost the hair's growth enabling it to reach it's maximum potential, after 3-4 months you will not believe it is the same hair.

Read some of our clients comments.......

Maria Forzani says.. "Once I got used to using the product my hair begam to feel totally different"

Jenny Millward says.. "After wearing a wig for six years after an accident I found the staff friendly and sympathetic, recommending Phyto treatment"


Prices Consultations by appointment only.







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